Time to schedule your spring cleaning for window washing and power washing

Clean and Green Co 2-20-15

With the hectic pace of life in the DC area, don’t all of us wish we had an extra two or three hours in the day?

Have you ever thought of hiring a professional company to clean your windows, power wash your siding, walkways, or decks to free up your time?

With the demands of our jobs and our families, there is often little time to give your home the proper care and cleaning it needs. How do we know? Because here at Clean and Green Co, we have families too.

Remember when weekends meant sleeping in late, relaxing with good food and good friends? No? Us either. Adam Getsinger and his wife Meagan spend their weekends chauffeuring their teenager and toddler to parties and to play dates. That’s why Clean and Green Co recognizes the importance of your time.

Hiring a professional company to clean your windows, and fulfill all your power washing needs frees up your time while giving your assets the TLC they need and deserve.


House Washing and Power Washing Specialists

We recognize how important protecting your assets are. When you choose to get your house washed by Clean and Green Co, you are choosing the best course of action to brighten your homes aesthetics, protect your resale value, and prevent permanent stains from marring the appearance of your siding, concrete, stone or deck. With our “green” methods, you are also supporting a company who takes protecting the earth for future generations seriously.

Why waste time buying window cleaning supplies? Call now, or click here and get a free quote today for house washing, pressure washing, window washing services or all of the above! And take it off your “to do” list.

Our Team,
Clean and Green Co